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A las pruebas me remito

Posted in Apoyos,Testimonios por Carlos González Nogueda en abril 6, 2011

Así reza el refrán mexicanísimo. Aquí el testimonio de una señora bastante más joven que mis dos abuelas.


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  1. mangostan said,

    This is a Xango Products Health Testimony from a very dear lady who lives near Akron, Ohio:

    Dear Dr. Leets,

    My name is Rose McQuaid and I am 71 years young. 30 years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and became insulin dependent. During the last 15 years, I have tried all kinds of diets, read lots of books. Some of those diets I won’t even mention. During all of those years I never got any real results that improved my diabetic health challenges.

    I have experienced many health issues; I have had back surgery, suffered with C.O.P. D. , all kinds of digestion problems, as well as Anemia. I have also had severe sinus problems.
    I have used a breathing machine for many years as my breathing was so deteriorated.
    And, I was well over 200 lbs., taking 198 units of insulin divided into 4 shots per day.

    Then in 2005, I had a stroke which left me in a wheel chair.

    My physical well being was not good – I always worked to maintain an upbeat attitude and have
    always searched for answers to my health challenges.

    In late November, 2010 I was introduced to Xango and I read about the health claims others had experienced
    by taking the Xango Juice, 3SIXTY5 Nutrition Complex and Eleviv. I felt like it might help me.
    So I placed my first order for the “HEALTHY BASICS” 3 Pack –

    I received my product and began taking Xango Products on December 3rd, 2010.
    I began by drinking 1/2 an ounce 3 X’s a day for the first week of Xango Juice, I take 3SIXTY5 Complex with my breakfast and Eleviv -1 capsule, 3 X’s a day.
    The 2nd week, I upped my dosage of Xango Juice to 1 ounce 3 X’s a day and I have maintained that since December 10th, 2010.
    Additionally, I do take an extra ounce or two, on days that I am feeling a bit more challenged with my health issues.

    Since being on the “Healthy Basics” 3 pack these are the following improvements I have experienced in my health:

    Since mid-December I have not had to use my breathing machine at all.
    I have lost 30 pounds
    My insulin has been cut way down and I now take 56 units divided into 2 shots per day.
    My sinus condition has greatly improved and I have not had to take any medications for that all winter.
    On January 5th, 2011, My “A1c” was 5.7 … the lowest it has EVER been.
    And to top this all off… I am able to get around in my home WITHOUT my Wheelchair.
    (I don’t feel confident enough yet, to do this in a public setting – but, I am hopeful that I will in due season)

    I love the products!!! Would never be without them!!!!!

    Rose McQuaid

    If YOU would like to enjoy the Health and Wellness benefits of Xango Health and Nutrtitional Products, please contact the person that sent this to you.

    Please note: The company, XanGo, makes no medical or therapeutic claims about their product, XanGo Juice. XanGo Juice is made with the whole mangosteen fruit that is rich with xanthones. Xanthones have been researched by independent scientists and medical doctors who have no affiliation with XanGo. Many of the abstracts of their papers can be found at http://www.pubmed.com. Any testimonial you hear or read about is not to suggest that you might have the same reaction. We merely say, “Try XanGo and see what benefits you receive.”

  2. ANTONIA said,

    HOLA,por si pudiera llegar a esta maravillosa empresaria Estela Salina
    SOY de una isla de España Tenerife
    siento una gran admiracion por esta señora que ha sabido dar calidad de vida y trabajo que my mayur deseo es conocerla algun dia
    me gustaria saber mas sobre sus conferencias y videos de motivacion me despido con mucho cariño y que aparescan mas Estelas Salinas en nuestras vidadas


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