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Testimonio sobre Cancer

Posted in Testimonios por Carlos González Nogueda en enero 17, 2008

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  1. mangostan said,

    Mark I feel so very special and extremely blessed !! In late September 2005, I was suffering from Trangeminal Nueralgia, a Small Pox virus that stays dormant in the spinal column after one has had Shingles or a Herpes Virus. I had shingles on my face, which nearly covered my face on the right side, barely missing my right eye and down past my mouth. When these breakouts occur the pain is so excruciating and sharp, and really gets worse as you get older. I was under pain management control for the pain for a long time and nothing seemed to work. I had been put on Neuronton at a cost of $300.00/Mo. and at first I thought the pain was better but I gained 30 pounds of fluid in approximately 2-3 Mos. . I could hardly climb up my stairway at home and the fluid was very evident on my legs and around my heart. I determined I would not kill myself with the drug and would rather surrender the drug and stand the pain, than take a chance of further side effects from any drugs.

    It was at this time of one of these outbreaks that I and horrendous pain that I finally paid attention to an ad I had heard several times on the radio station , KRKS from Denver ,Co .The testimonies of relief from illnesses and the short stories of people who were pleased with the results from working their businesses from home, finally caught my attention ,and I picked up my cell phone and called the 800 number, with a promise that someone would be in touch with me in 3 days.

    I’d like to stop right here and thank Mark Hunkele for calling me within the 3 days and telling me about this wonderful new product , Xango, made from the Little Mangosteen fruit ,grown in so. east Asia.. He articulated very well, about the Phytonutrients, the Xanthones, and this small fruit and what they had discovered that it would do, and how I could possibly be helped by it. I wanted it right away and he sent me some literature and a cd and got me on the Bob Schmidt conference call on that Mon .PM.. I called him and ordered it right away and it was at my door in three days. I started taking it at 1 oz. 3 times a day and within 48 hrs, I was free from the neuralgia pain and have not had that pain like that since. .I increased my dosage for other ailments and was really so pleased with the results that I started telling everyone I knew about and what it was doing for me.

    I could tell you many stories about helping others but I know I’m the miracle one here from the use of Xango and this wonderful little fruit (Mangosteen) GODS GIFT TO ALL OF US, from South east Asia. I was doing very well, felt great , had lots of energy and enjoying being a ” messenger of hope ” to many.

    Then Jan. 4th,2007 I started feeling weak and very ill. I thought I had caught a virus and would be OK in a few days. Then I started losing my voice and became very hoarse. I discovered a hardening across the lower part of my neck and felt it was probably swollen glands from the virus. I didn’t get better and felt very weak so went to see my Dr. on Jan. 18th.2007. He visited with me for a short time, felt of my throat and said “Virginia, this is no good, no good at all. We must rule out the big “C” and sent me for an Ultra- sound , followed by a trip to a Surgeon , who examined me with a Scope and sent me to get a Biopsy of the Thyroid. this took 40 Min. instead of the usual 10 min. because they were having a hard time differentiating what was there.. They sent me then to another specialist an Endocrinologist, and after they had conferred ,they said that there was no cancer and that I had thyroiditis and it would take 3- 6 mos. to get over it. By this time my voice was very hoarse and broken and almost a whisper. By this time it was the 2nd week of Feb. After my visit with her she called me one week later and said, ” we’re very concerned about your situation and “could I send for the slides from the first pathologist and have them sent to my pathologist, that I have utmost confidence in”, and I said , “of course”. After he had seen the slides she called me back and said that it was definitely cancer and that I had to have surgery right away. Being on a blood thinner I had to wait for 5 days before they could do surgery. On Feb. 26th I had the surgery and never knew what kind of cancer I had until the surgery was over and they had seen it under frozen sectioned pathology exams.. Dr. Kim, who has done many Thyroid surgeries, sat on my bed the next Morning and told me,” it was the worst he had seen in the US!” He diagnosed it as Anaplastic Carcinoma Thyroid Cancer. the Medical description is, The least common but most aggressive type of thyroid Cancer. Anaplastic is another word for undifferentiated; that is, the highly malignant cells do not look like Thyroid cells. They were so bad that they sent the specimens to the Mayo clinic, and to a clinic in Chicago for their interpretation and analization.

    I was told then that I had a 1 % chance of survival , the tumor had grown from a small nodule the first of Feb. to a golf ball sized tumor in 2-3 weeks. and had attached itself to my Larnyx and my asophagus and my voice was barely above a whisper.

    I immediately started taking a bottle of the Xango jc. a day and flushed it all out with a gallon of distilled water a day, to get rid of all the toxins and restore new cells. I did as the Drs. said and opted to take the Chemo therapy and radiation therapy, along with the Xango and the distilled water.
    The Drs. wanted to treat this very Aggressive Cancer ,Very Aggressively, so put me through the treatments in 5 weeks instead of the usual 6 weeks. The treatments were over May 1st of this year and since the first CAT scan and the PET scan I have been free of the cancer. I am slowly regaining my voice.
    I feel very blessed and very special to have been introduced to this great product and again ,Thank you Mark for being there for me so I can spread this message to others.

    Last Friday ., Sept 21st, I saw my endocrinologist/oncologist and my general oncologist and they are still very pleased and surprised at the recovery and yet want to keep a close eye on this aggressive type of cancer.

    God has a definite plan for my life and I fully intend to fulfill it and spread the message to as many as I can about Xango, the results of a little fruit that he grew in South East Asia and how I have been so fortunate to know about it at the right time,. I believe in the product and the terrific founders of our Co..
    Virginia Miller’s

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  3. onelia said,

    yo estoy usando el jugo por 1 año y tengo cancer de piel. El ultimo que me broto fue en el año pasado. yo no he tenido mas brotes estoy bien. Y tenia problemas con mi estomago me salian ampollas con cualquier cosa que comia o bebia. Siempre tomaba Renatidina. Ya no sufro de ampollas en la boca. Me encanta el jugo. Siempre lo tomo 3 veces al dia l onza.
    Gracias por compartir tu testimonio y felicidades por haberte dado la oportunidad de probarlo

  4. webmaster said,

    With the tremendously dedication on medical resources such as doctors, pharmacists, food and nutrition scientists as well as time and capital to disclose the secret of nature that has been hiding in this amazing fruit and thanks to the modernized- knowledge, we can extract this amazingly natural compound without ruining its freshness Every product we produce comes from the truly understanding in the marvelous value of nature.


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