XanGo el Jugo de la Fruta Entera del Mangostán


Posted in Xango Información del Corporativo por Carlos González Nogueda en marzo 29, 2007

Aloe Vera y Mangostán Wow!


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  1. mangostan said,

    Dear XANGO Distributors:

    Nearly five years ago, XANGO, LLC created the functional mangosteen product category with the introduction of a remarkable dietary supplement: XANGO Juice. Leading our category with the world’s best mangosteen products has always been XANGO’s focus.

    Today, we are excited to announce a future addition to our premium category product offering: XALO Juice (pronounced zay-lo). XANGO’s exclusive XALO Juice formula combines the world’s most celebrated botanicals, headlined by aloe and mangosteen, to offer pure and nourishing benefits in a complete and complex functional beverage.

    Our XALO Juice blend of aloe, mangosteen and other premium ingredients gives us a formula unique and differentiated from our flagship product, XANGO Juice. XALO Juice will have its own taste, benefits and brand identity.

    XANGO will introduce the XALO Juice brand this summer in the pilot markets of Germany, Belgium and Austria . This brand introduction in the European Union is designed to strategically expand the reach of our category leadership.

    More information on the introduction of XALO Juice will be promoted in the coming months. For more information about XALO Juice, visit xalojuice.com

    Gordon Morton


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