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Chris Peterson and Art Klemchuck

Posted in Historias de Éxito y Motivación,Reuniones por Carlos González Nogueda en enero 23, 2007

Si entiendes una conversación en ingles no te debes perder la siguiente:

Special Wednesday Call: Join us this Wednesday night for an inspiring call about determination and heart.Chris Peterson, MyMangosteen.com founder and 200K Premier, will interview fellow 200K Premier Art Klemchuck.


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  1. Carlos said,

    Chris Peterson, MyMangosteen.com founder and 200K Premier, will interview fellow 200K Premier Art Klemchuck.

    Read Art’s amazing story below.

    Special Wednesday Call: Join us this Wednesday night for an inspiring call about determination and heart.

    DATE: Wednesday, January 24th TIME: 6 PM Pacific, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern
    PHONE: 641-793-7500 PIN: 312220#
    LIVE WEB STREAM: http://mymangosteen.com/LiveCall


    No Tools, No Money, No Phone, No Home: The Art Klemchuk Story

    About 18 months ago my wife Renae and I sat at a dinner table in Detroit, Michigan with Art Klemchuk – a then 20K distributor in XanGo. Art is a quiet man. He’s fit. He has a shy smile, and he listens much more than he talks. If I would have known how powerful his story was, I would have done a lot more listening that night. Luckily, Sharon Davidson has taken the time to document his XanGo story.

    Let’s hear Art’s story in Sharon’s words…

    Art worked in a factory for many years, but he had a dream of owning his own business. He thought his dream came true when he became the owner of a Health Club franchise.

    Art was determined to make this a successful business, as he had maxed all of his credit cards to get his health club up and running. At first Art hired a manager to run the health club and soon found that the manager was helping himself to the money in the till!

    That’s when Art decided to run the business by himself, which meant instead of the freedom he had anticipated, he was now a slave to his own business, working sixteen hours a day, seven days a week. He told me that one of the reasons he wanted to be in business for himself was to be able to take vacations….

    The Final Blow

    Art was struggling, even after putting ten years of effort, sweat, tears and exhausting his financial resources to run his business. The final straw came when a new gym opened up three blocks away with reduced rates! Art simply couldn’t compete, 250 of his clients joined the other gym. Yet, he had to keep the doors open, he didn’t have any options. Things were so bad that Art moved out his home, and rented out the upstairs and downstairs to strangers in order to pay the mortgage.

    Without a home, and no money to buy or rent one, Art moved in to his gym. The gym was located in a shopping mall, and as you can imagine was not meant to be a “residential” area, but he was desperate and every dime he had went in to supporting his failing business. Every night he parked ½ mile away from the mall, at a neighborhood apartment complex, and walked to the mall so that the security guards wouldn’t know that he was living there. For ONE YEAR, he ate, slept, and showered at the gym. He hung his clothes on the steam pipes hanging from the ceiling in the massage room.

    When he had a client who wanted a massage, he’d have to take his clothes down, fold them over and store them in a utility closet.

    Someone Shared the XanGo Story with Art

    Shane Lacko, shortly after signing up as a XanGo Distributor, approached Art and asked him to attend a XanGo business op meeting that Sherman was going to do. Art said, “If you buy a year’s membership I’ll go to your presentation!” So, Shane bought a membership.

    The presentation that Art went to was actually a speaker-phone presentation with Sherman calling Michigan from our home in Scottsdale, AZ. Art had never been involved with network marketing. Art signed up and he didn’t know at the time, but that $35 investment would be the best investment of his life.Art signed up January 28th, 2003. Thirty-five days later his gym went out of business.

    Art was Broke

    He applied for unemployment, which, after child support wa s deducted, gave him $149 every two weeks. Art got a job at a bar as a janitor, earning $7.50 an hour, scrubbing toilets and floors after the bar closed down. He worked all night and was allowed to eat as many peanuts and drink as many sodas as he liked…perks of the job. He worked there for three or four months, hoping to save up enough to buy a commercial lawnmower and go into business with his son mowing lawns and doing yard work.

    No Whine Zone

    He also began working his XanGo business, although he had no money, no phone, an old truck with no air conditioning and no computer. Art never complained or whined about what he didn’t have, he just utilized what he DID have and made the best of it in an industry he had never been involved with before. Art signed up Janelle Crane, and Janelle became the best partner Art could have ever hoped for.

    Janelle kept Art’s spirits up, even bought him food, and was there to work together as a te am to build their respective XanGo organizations. On one of Sherman’s trips to Michigan, Janelle filmed Sherman’s presentation with a home movie camera. It was a pretty bad quality, but Art showed it with enthusiasm and pride at home meetings. And because he presented it like it was special, those who watched the video felt it was something pretty special, too. He was signing up new Distributors!

    I Can’t do This!

    When he began working XanGo, he was plagued with this thought, “I can’t do this.” Then he’d tell himself, “Get over it. Just DO it!” And so he did do it, every day he would look himself in the mirror and tell himself to DO it, over and over again until he didn’t have to tell himself that any more because soon he was enjoying doing it!

    The Mailman Cometh…

    Things began to get better. The mailman was bringing him XanGo checks. His first check was $413, the next check was $923, the n $1,158. For two years straight, every check has been larger than the previous check! Pretty good for a fellow with no home, no phone and no money. That’s right, he didn’t have a phone for his first year in XanGo. After a year and six months, his check was $10,300. Then it went to $13,000, then to $17,000 and within the next six months, it doubled again.

    Sponsor What You’re Not Good At
    Art is a quiet man. Art said, “If you can’t get up and talk in front of people, find someone who can. If you can’t drive a car, then find someone who can…” And that’s what Art has done, when he didn’t have a telephone, Janelle would help him make calls, and he would often be seen with a bag of quarters at a public telephone down the block from where he lived, calling Prospects and communicating with his growing group of Distributors.

    Art became 100K Premier in October of 2004. I can’t imagine anyone who was more thrilled to reach that level than Art Klemchuk.

    So, How Does One “DO” It?

    You are only limited by your imagination, and Art may have been short on cash, but was he ever long on imagination! Art never leaves home without a stack of tools and applications tucked into his plastic clipboard.

    That plastic clipboard that has been so instrumental in his success was a “huge” $2.99 investment! He never goes into a store or any type of business establishment without it. He even prospected a fellow in the rest room – not recommended by the faint of heart – and gave him a Doctors Choice newspaper. The fellow passed it on to someone else who, after reading it, called Art and signed up! Art even approached a woman who was in a cemetery and gave her a Doctors Choice newspaper…she listened to him, tried a taste of the XanGo (Art never leaves home without XanGo, either and some little paper cups). She called him back and signed up. Art and Janelle go out at least five days a week, handing out the newspapers, giving tastes to those who want it, and then they sit back and wait f or the phone calls.

    Art said, “When people start feeling the effects of the product, they just can’t keep quiet. They tell other people, and before you know it they start getting checks. When you can’t keep quiet, you start making money.”

    As we ended our interview, Art said, “This is so much fun! It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done, and the most lucrative. If someone offered me five million dollars, no, TEN million dollars for my business, I wouldn’t take it. What would I do with my time? I love sharing the good news about XanGo and seeing lives change. XanGo has saved a lot of us, it saved Janelle’s life (Janelle drank a BOTTLE a day for 8 months during chemotherapy treatment – but that’s a whole other story), and it saved my life financially. I’ve worked for someone else. I’ve had my own business. But being a XanGo Distributor is the only thing I’ve ever been involved in that has made me want to dream again, and to see my dreams coming true.”

    Art is a remarkable man and a true example of someone who can overcome the most devastating odds to exceed his most ambitious dreams….all for a $35 investment, a $2.99 plastic clip board, and great XanGo partners.

    See you on the call.


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